Table 3.

Rehospitalization and mortality outcomes of participants of the AKI rehabilitation program and nonparticipants

Outcomen (%)P Valuea
Participants (N=52)Nonparticipants (N=400)
30-Day rehospitalization or mortality8 (15)137 (34)0.01
30-Day rehospitalization7 (14)111 (28)0.04
30-Day mortality1 (2)48 (12)0.03
90-Day rehospitalization or mortality16 (31)202 (51)0.01
90-Day rehospitalization15 (29)167 (42)0.10
90-Day mortality3 (6)82 (21)0.01
  • a P values were determined on the basis of chi-squared tests, except for values less than five, where Fisher exact tests were used.