Table 3.

Patients with severe phenotype preeclampsia, relevant clinical findings, and genetic variants found

PatientDiagnosisGA (wk+d)Age (yr)PBMI (kg/m2)RacePlatelets (mm3 in 103)AST (IU/L)Cr (mg/dl)Urine PCGene (variant)a
1Eclampsia39 + 425033Black185330.61.6C3 (c.3299T>C; p.L1100P); VUS
CFI (c.1642G>C; p.Glu548Gln); VUS
2HELLP36 + 135047White801080.90.54C5 (c.2686G>T; p.V896L); VUS
3HELLP25 + 226034White225120.82.26None
4HELLP33 + 331233White3241700.7318bNone
6HELLP26 + 421126White442580.60.4None
7HELLP38 + 524025.5White462540.9368bNone
8HELLP29 + 340030Hispanic713771796bNone
10Early PE33 + 338126White207550.81.53None
11Early PE26 + 522042White180181867bCR2 (c.475A>G; p.M159V); VUS
12Early PE31 + 437533White1162310.97None
13Early PE30 + 439429White148270.7937bCFI (c.1642G>C; p.Glu548Gln); VUS
14Early PE3433034White238240.61041bNone
15Early PE3434025White1864612None
16Early PE32 + 127030.8White206260.7633bCR2 (c.763C>T; p.R255W); VUS
17Early PE33 + 226030.1White201410.70.57None
18Early PE32 + 135037.8White653450.80.74None
19Early PE3433237.5White101630.80.16None
20Early PE3428023.5White125591.2500bNone
21Early PE33 + 435323White159330.7308bNone
22Early PE27 + 627040White152441.21.22None
23Early PE3430054Hispanic354300.5634bC3 (c.3299T>C; p.L1100P); VUS
24cHTN SI early PE29 + 126124White164451.913.6None
25cHTN SI early PE33 + 531034White172360.82862bNone
  • GA, gestational age; P, parity; BMI, body mass index; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; Cr, creatinine; PC, protein-creatinine ratio; VUS, variant of uncertain significance; HELLP, hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets; early PE, early-onset preeclampsia with severe features; cHTN SI early PE, chronic hypertension with superimposed early-onset preeclampsia with severe features.

  • a Excludes benign/likely benign variants.

  • b 24-hour urine protein (in milligrams).