Table 2.

Distributions of laboratory parameters, intravenous iron, vitamin D, and prior transfusion

Total patients, n31,564
Hemoglobin,a g/dl, mean (SD)9.37 (0.59)
Monthly ESA,a units, mean (SD)83,160 (67,867)
TSAT,b %, mean (SD)29 (13)
Ferritin,b ng/ml, mean (SD)974 (2737)
iv iron use, %80.1
iv vitamin D use, %80.6
RBC transfusion use, %12.4
  • ESA, erythropoiesis-stimulating agent; TSAT, transferrin saturation; iv, intravenous; RBC, red blood cell.

  • aMean value of last 2 months.

  • bMean value calculated in the order: (1) mean of last 2 months; (2) mean of any other 2 months; (3) value if there is only one measure.