Table 1.

Dialysis services in Kuwait 2020

Total population of the country, n4,800,000
Total dialysis population, n2275 (0.047% of the general population)
Incidence, pmp156
Prevalence, pmp474
Dialysis modality distribution, %
 Incenter HD89
 Eight centers are hospital based and three are satellite (standalone)95% of patients in ministry of health centers
 Home HD0
 Dialysis servicesFree of charge for Kuwaitis in public hospitals. Restricted access and not free of charge for others. Limited number in private sector.
See text (access and cost of dialysis and flow chart).
Salary-based contract. No reimbursement for MoH.
 ReimbursementPrivate sector nephrologists are reimbursed.
 Who delivers dialysis?Nurses only
 Nurse to patient ratio1:3
 Doctor rounds on patientsJunior doctors (registrars) round on all patients daily. Consultants round once weekly.
HD session frequency (standard practice is 3 per week), %
 4 sessions per week5
 3 sessions per week89
 2 sessions per week6
HD session length (standard practice is 4 hours per session), %
 ≥4 hours54
 3.5–4 hours35
 <3.5 hours11
HD vascular access, %
 Tunneled catheter59
Anticoagulation, %
 Fondaparinux, low citrate in dialysate, danaparoid (Orgaran)5
 No anticoagulation9
 Oral anticoagulants (warfarin and newer agents)10 (in addition to anticoagulation)
HBV/HCV prevalence, %7y
  • pmp, per million population; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; MoH, Ministry of Health; AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; HBV, Hepatitis B virus; HCV, Hepatitis C virus.