Table 2.

Summary of dialysis delivery in Brunei Darussalam in 2020

Patients on dialysis, n (pmp)833 (1811)
Patients by modality, %
 Peritoneal dialysis9.7
Hemodialysis centers, n
Location of dialysis center, %
Cost per dialysis session, US$
 Automated peritoneal dialysis50
 Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis24
Reimbursement per dialysis session, %100 (fully covered by the government)
Dialysis delivery staffStaff and assistant nurses
Ratio of dialysis nurses to patients1:6
Average hemodialysis session duration, hr4
Nephrologist reviewAt least once every 3 months
Dialysis access in hemodialysis patients, %
 Arteriovenous fistula81
 Central venous catheter19
 Arteriovenous graft0
  • pmp, per million population.