Table 1.

Dialysis services in Mauritius at December 31, 2020

Number of patients on dialysis (total number and per million people in the general population)1579 patients (1578 HD, one PD) in total and 1248 pmp in general population
Percent of patients on home dialysis in your country<0.1%
Government fundedPublic hospitals 1252 patients
Privately run units 313 patients
Patient fundedPrivately run units 14 patients
Are all dialysis sessions covered by insurance, or do some patients have out-of-pocket expenses?Public: costs fully covered by government
Private: costs fully covered by patient
Are the dialysis units hospital based or freestanding?Most units are hospital based, a few are freestanding
Are the dialysis units for-profit or non-profit?Non-profit if government run
What is the reimbursement per dialysis session in US$?Not applicable
Are all of the staff who deliver dialysis nurses, or do you also use patient care technicians?Nurses only
What is the typical patient to RN ratio in the dialysis units?4:1
What is the average length of a dialysis session?3 h (thrice weekly)
How many times per mo are patients seen by a nephrologist during dialysis sessions?Once every 3 mo
What is the proportion of patients on HD in your country using an AVF, AVG and CVC?AVF 87%, AVG 0%, CVC 13%
  • HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; pmp, per million population; RN, registered nurse; AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; CVC, central venous catheter.