Table 2.

Renal perfusion, filtration, and oxygenation in clinical AKI after cardiac surgery

Systemic and Renal VariablesControl Group (n=37)AKI Group (n=12) P Value
Mean arterial pressure (mm Hg)73.9±1.173.5±0.7NS
Cardiac index (L/min per m2)2.63±0.082.77±0.16NS
Renal blood flow (ml/min)758±40477±54<0.001
Renal vascular resistance (mm Hg/ml per min)0.097±0.0050.146±0.015<0.01
GFR (ml/min)74.7±4.732.3±3.6<0.001
Sodium reabsorption (mmol/min)9.7±0.74.0±0.4<0.001
Renal oxygen consumption (ml/min)10.4±0.611.0±1.1NS
Renal oxygen extraction0.097±0.0040.163±0.009<0.001
  • Values are means±SEM. Data obtained by permission from the authors (ref. 22).