Table 4.

The kidney in liver transplantation

Systemic and Renal VariablesComparator Group (postoperative patients; n=58)Liver Transplantation (n=12) P Value
Mean arterial pressure (mm Hg)74±974±2NS
Cardiac index (L/min per m2)2.6±0.54.3±1.0<0.001
Renal blood flow (ml/min)716±209843±197<0.05
Renal oxygen delivery (ml/min)104±32120±30<0.05
Renal vascular resistance (mm Hg/ml per min)0.100±0.030.085±0.020.05
GFR (ml/min)71±2351±30<0.01
Renal oxygen consumption (ml/min)10.0±3.214.4±4.8<0.001
Renal oxygen extraction (%)10.0±3.112.4±4.0<0.05
  • Values are means±SD. Data obtained by permission from the authors (ref. 50).