Table 3.

The kidney in early clinical sepsis

Systemic and Renal VariablesComparator Group (postoperative patients; n=58)Early Sepsis (n=8) P Value
Mean arterial pressure (mm Hg)73±776±2NS
Cardiac index (L/min per m2)2.8±0.53.3±0.6NS
Renal blood flow (ml/min)858±261696±166<0.05
Renal oxygen delivery (ml/min)122±4293±24<0.05
Renal vascular resistance (mm Hg/ml per min)0.082±0.0230.098±0.023<0.05
GFR (ml/min)80±2454±18<0.01
RVO2 (ml/min)11.4±3.111.4±4.0NS
Renal oxygen extraction (%)9.7±2.712.4±3.9<0.05
RVO2/sodium reabsorption (ml/mmol)1.2±0.31.6±0.7<0.05
Urinary NAG/creatinine5.4±3.4 (<1.5)
  • Values are means±SD. RVO2, renal oxygen consumption; NAG, N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase. Data obtained by permission from the authors (ref. 33).