Table 3.

Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

VariablesAKI, n=26Non-AKI, N=31P Value
Age, yr
 Median (range)10 (2–20)4 (0–17)<0.001
Hispanic ethnicity8/26=31%9/31=29%>0.99
BMI≥85th percentile N=26; 15/26=58% N=30; 13/30=43%0.42
LV systolic dysfunction N=26; 15/26=58% N=28; 2/28=7%<0.001
 Defined as <1500/mm3
IL-6, pg/ml N=20 N=150.02
 Median (range)274.5 (32.0–315.0)46.7 (3.0–315.0)
Peak ferritin, ng/ml N=26 N=29<0.001
 Median (range)670.5 (284–100,000)233.1 (19.9–2769)
Peak fibrinogen, mg/dl N=26 N=240.10
 Median (range)624 (166–875)501.5 (273–838)
Peak d -dimer, μg/ml FEU N=26 N=280.35
 Median (range)3.9 (0.5–426)2.9 (0.3–20.0)
Peak LDH, U/L N=25 N=270.81
 Median (range)339 (207–4087)356 (178–1295)
Peak CRP, mg/L N=26 N=300.01
 Median (range)211 (29.4–300)135.1 (0.21–300.0)
Peak ESR, mm/h N=20 N=230.97
 Median (range)56.5 (23–130)59.0 (0–130)
Peak procalcitonin, ng/ml N=23 N=240.02
 Median (range)3.6 (0.2–126.9)1.6 (0.1–42.1)
Significant proteinuria N=25 N=290.58
 Defined as ≥2+ on dipstick11/25=44%10/29=34%
  • Patients for whom certain data were unavailable or missing were excluded from analysis regarding that factor. Lymphopenia is defined as having an absolute lymphocyte count <1500/mm3 (or <2000/mm3 in children younger than 6 years of age). BMI, body mass index; LV, left ventricular; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.