Table 2.

Rate of eGFR decline in patients with and without cryoglobulinemia according to their underlying diseasesa

EtiologyeGFR Decline (Ml/min Per 1.73 m2 Per Yr)
Cryoglobulin Positiveb Cryoglobulin NegativeP Value
Unknown−2.18 (−6.36–0.15)−1.33 (−4.65–0.75)0.13
Hepatitis B0.18 (−2.86–3.08)−1.32 (−4.30–0.87)0.26
Hepatitis C−1.61 (−4.87–0.62)−2.03 (−5.91–0.39)0.49
Paraproteinemia−0.24 (−8.37–7.52)−1.21 (−5.76–0.36)0.99
  • a Data expressed as median (interquartile range).

  • b Kruskal-Wallis test, P=0.15 for the comparison of cryoglobulin positive patients of different etiology groups.