Table 6.

Incidence of post-transplant events in PKD versus non-PKD

Post-transplant eventPKDDiabetesHypertensionGNOther
Post-transplant diabetes
 No. of events103N/A110187186
 Incidence rate (per 100 person-yr)2.864.552.272.54
 Adjusted hazard ratio (95% CI), P valuea1.0 (Reference)1.12 (0.82 to 1.54)0.82 (0.62 to 1.10)0.94 (0.7 to 1.25)
Post-transplant nephrectomy
 No. of events5920113148
 Incidence rate (per 100 person-yr)
 Adjusted hazard ratio (95% CI), P valuea1.0 (Reference)0.14 (0.08 to 0.25)0.22 (0.11 to 0.43)0.18 (0.11 to 0.29)0.33 (0.21 to 0.51)
  • PKD, polycystic kidney disease; non-PKD, other native kidney disease; N/A, not applicable.

  • a The model was adjusted for all variables noted in Methods: age, sex, race, body mass index, pre-emptive kidney transplant, dialysis duration, comorbid disease (coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, polycystic liver disease), deceased donor, prior transplant, induction, calcineurin-inhibitor use, mycophenolate use, HLA mismatch, and nephrectomy at time of transplant.