Table 1.

Cohort characteristics

VariableDiscontinued Dialysisa (N=29,212)Total Cohort (N=1,175,252)
Age at first dialysis initiation, yrs, median (IQR)75.0 (66.0, 81.0)64.0 (54.0, 75.0)
Sex (%)
Race (%)
 Non-Hispanic White78.153.6
 Non-Hispanic Black13.627.7
Primary cause of renal failure (%)
 Diabetes mellitus43.645.8
 Cystic kidney disease1.21.9
Modality switching (%)
 HD to PD5.16.3
 PD to HD3.13.6
 HD, No change89.886.2
 PD, No change2.13.8
Region (%)
Insurance status (%)
First yr of dialysis (%)
Comorbidities (%)
 Heart failure37.131.5
 Drug dependence0.61.3
 Peripheral vascular disease17.112.6
 Coronary artery disease26.219.1
 Diabetes mellitus54.555.3
  • IQR, interquartile range; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis.

  • a When compared with patients who did not discontinue dialysis, P for all categories <0.001.

  • b Insured comprises patients with both public and private insurance.