Table 4.

Rate change of 136 mM CaCl2 in 0.9% saline based on systemic ionized Ca every 6 h: GOAL 1.3 (1.2–1.4) mM

Current Ca-Infusion Flow Rate, ml/hThe Patient’s Ionized Calcium Level Checked Every 6 h
<1.1 mmol/L1.1–1.19 mmol/L1.2–1.4 mmol/L1.41–1.55 mmol/L>1.55 mmol/L
Increase Rate +20%; Notify ICU and Nephro FellowsIncrease Rate +10%No ChangeReduce Rate −10%Reduce Rate −20%; Notify ICU and Nephro Fellows
≤15+2+1No change−1−2
16–25+4+2No change−2−4
26–35+6+3No change−3−6
36–45+8+4No change−4−8
46–55+10+5No change−5−10
56–65+12+6No change−6−12
66–75+14+7No change−7−14
76–85+16+8No change−8−16
86–95+18+9No change−9−18
96–105+20+10No change−10−20