Table 1.

Details of the patients

Patient No.Proteinuria at Start of TreatmentaS. Albumin (g/dl) at Start of TreatmentPLA2R-Ab (RU/ml) at InitiationInduction Dose of Rituximab (in mg)Repeat Dose (Y (in mg)/N)Tacrolimus AddedTime to Complete Remission (in Mo)Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio at 18 MoS. Albumin (g/dl) at 18 moFollow-up PLA2R-Ab (RU/ml)CR or PR at 18 Mo
Group 1: Rituximab monotherapy induction
 112.42.5NA500Y (500)No70.33.9NACRb
 37.71.2<0.6c500Y (1000)YesdNAe2.23.6<0.6PR
 52.13.1NA500Y (1000)No110.24NACR
 710.22.7492.96500Y (500)No50.23.8NACR
 815.72.7377.48500Y (1500)YesdNAe7.93.321.7NO
 9f,g13.12.4NA500Y (1500)YesdNAe6.22.9<0.6NO
 1015.82.1NAc500Y (1000)YesdNAe11.72.8NANO
 11f,i13.63NA500Y (1500)3 M120.23.621.9CRb
 12141.8170.14500Y (1500)3 MNAe8.34.1<0.6NO
 1314.42.8NAc500Y (500)3 M80.24.113.31CR
 14g,h8.43.2NA500Y (1500)3 M140.34.4NACR
 1510.971.54.4c500Y (500)3 M120.34.32.65CR
Group 2: Simultaneous rituximab and tacrolimus
 1616.42.8261.92500Y (500)AT START140.34.5<0.6CR
 17f,g5.12.3188.4500Y (1000)AT START70.2412CRb
 1818.82.6NAc500NoAT START60.24.5<0.6CRb
 199.9266.9500NoAT START90.14<0.6CR
 20152175500Y (1500)AT START150.34.9<0.6CR
 215.83.778.5500Y (500)AT START50.144.36CR
 22f,i4.43.4104.1500Y (1000)AT START130.34.1NACR
  • S. albumin, serum albumin; PLA2R-Ab, phospholipase A2R antibody; CR, complete response; PR, partial response; NA, not available.

  • a Urine protein creatinine ratio.

  • b Relapse post-treatment.

  • c Positive PLA2R staining in renal biopsy.

  • d Tacrolimus added at 3 mo but discontinued due to increased creatinine.

  • e Not applicable.

  • f Previously treated with tacrolimus and steroids.

  • g Failed to respond to previous treatment.

  • h Previously treated with cyclophosphamide and steroids.

  • i Relapse after previous treatment.