Table 9.

Summary of dosing recommendations during continuous RRT for common antimicrobials utilized in patients who are critically ill

CRRT DoseEstimated clearanceVancomycinCefepimePiperacillin-TazobactamMeropenemAmikacinAcyclovirOseltamivir
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Replacement 1 L/h prefilter 1 L/h postfilter2000 ml/h + 2000 ml/h+ 200 ml/h =70 ml/min25 mg/kg loading dose (3250 mg)2 g loading dose4.5 g loading dose2 g loading doseApproximately 25 mg/kg (adjusted BW of 90 kg)10 mg/kg (IBW 68 kg) loading dose75 mg q 12h
Dialysate 2 L/h(14 mg/kg actual BW) 1750 mg q24h2 g q8h extended or continuous infusion4.5 g q6h extended or continuous infusion1–2 g q8h extended infusion2250 mg q48h680 mg 680 mg q8h
UF 200 ml/h10 mg/kg (IBW) q8h (encephalitis dosing)
Physiochemical propertiesAlways assess for residual UOP during therapy, and take into consideration set downtimeMW: 1485 dMW: 480 dMW: 500 dMW: 383 dMW: 585 dMW: 225 dMW: 312 d
PB: 55%PB: 20%PB: 30%PB: 2%PB: 11%PB: 33%PB: 3%
Vd: 0.7 L/kgVd:0.28 L/kgVd: 0.24 L/kgVd: 0.2 L.kgVd: 0.25 L/kgVd: 0.8 L/kgVd: 0.37 L/kg
Maintenance dose on the basis of40–50 ml/min eGFR70 ml/min70 ml/min70 ml/min70ml/min70 ml/min70 ml/min
CaveatsConvective clearance > diffusive clearance. Can use population PK estimated for dosing interval, once determined from CRRT Rx.Total clearance of 70 ml/min requires full unadjusted dose, consider dose reduction after 48–72 h on the basis of cultures, indication etc.TDM after first dose.Will require adjustments if eGFR <50 ml/min.Excellent absorption even in shock/CRRT/ECMO. Supratherapeutic levels achieved with normal dosing.
TDM at steady state.
  • BW, body weight; IBW, ideal body weight; MW, mol wt; PB, protein binding; Vd, volume of distribution; UOP, urine output; TDM, therapeutic drug monitoring; CRRT, continuous RRT; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; Rx, prescription.