Table 1.

Sample order set for short hemodialysis with low dialysate flow rate

Treatment ParameterSuggested Value
Treatment duration (h)3 h or more depending on metabolic needs and UF requirements
Dialysate potassium (mEq/L)1 or 2 mEq/L (4 mEq/L if patient is significantly hypokalemic)
Lactate or bicarbonate base
Total dialysate volume (L)a0.5–1 x TBW
Hourly dialysate flow rate (L/h)
Net ultrafiltration goal (L)aOn the basis of volume status assessment
Hourly UF=([net UF goal+prime+rinse back]/treatment duration)
Blood flow rate (ml/min)As catheter or AV access permits
  • If there is no need to conserve fluid, aim for dialysate volume of about half body weight (or TBW). This will result in a longer treatment time. We typically add MAP parameter (e.g., maintain MAP >65 mm Hg). It is recommended to keep flow fraction around 30%–35% if conserving fluid. UF, ultrafiltration; TBW, total body water; AV, arteriovenous; MAP, mean arterial pressure.

  • a These parameters are necessary to determine hourly rates and for staff to set up the machine, but are not keyed into the machine.