Table 8.

Measures of central tendency and spread every 24 h for total Ca/ionized Ca ratio and magnesium while on postdilution continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration with regional citrate anticoagulation (CVVHDF-RCA) Shock protocol

Max tCa/iCa
 First 24 h312.021.85–2.111.642.35
 25–48 h172.0281.84–2.101.642.36
 49–72 h81.9311.80–2.001.632.03
 73–96 h81.9381.79–2.141.682.21
Magnesium (mg/dl)
 24 h2721.9–
 48 h1721.8–
 72 h81.851.8–
 96 h71.91.7–
  • IQR, interquartile range; tCa, total Ca; iCa, ionized Ca.