Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of recipients with polycystic kidney disease and other native kidney disease

VariablePKD (N=619)aNon-PKD (N=4312)aP Value
Age (yr)52.9 (9.13)48.7 (13.4)<0.001
Female (%)46390.002
Non-White race (%)717<0.001
BMI (kg/m2)27.8 (5.04)27.2 (5.43)<0.001
Any dialysis before transplantation (%)6078<0.001
Dialysis duration (mo)14.1 (24)22 (27.24)<0.001
Deceased donor (%)58610.11
Comorbid diseases (%)
 Coronary artery disease2235<0.001
 Congestive heart failure7120.001
 Polycystic liver disease320<0.001
Induction treatment (%)<0.001
CNI maintenance (%)0.88
 No CNI99
Mycophenolate maintenance (%)93900.02
HLA mismatch (%)0.02
cPRA >10% (%)23c31c0.009
Prior kidney transplantation (%)1023<0.001
Native nephrectomy at transplantation (%)270.9<0.001
Donor age (yr)43.3 (14.2)42.2 (14.5)0.04
  • PKD, polycystic kidney disease; non-PKD, other native kidney disease; BMI, body mass index; CNI, calcineurin inhibitor; cPRA, calculated panel-reactive antibody.

  • a All values are expressed in means (±SD) or percentages, as noted in the variable column.

  • b Thymoglobulin denotes rabbit anti-thymocyte globulin.

  • c N=296 for PKD and 2088 for non-PKD.