Table 5.

Pathways Project data-collection overview

MeasureMo 0; LS-1Mo 0–6; Action Period 1Mo 6; LS-2Mo 7–11; Action Period 2Mo 12; LS-3Mo 13–16; Action Period 3Mo 16–18; Follow-Up Data Collection
Patient-reported outcomes
 Patient telephone surveyOnceOnce
Team-reported outcomes
 KSC-IQ (all staff)OnceOnce
 NoMAD (change team staff only)OnceOnceOnce
Quality of advance care planning
 Advance care planning chart review for patients who are seriously illOnceOnce
Patient-level data
  Demographics and service utilization of patient who is seriously illMonthly May–JulyMonthly July–September
Facility-level quality indicators
 Aggregate utilization and quality indicatorsMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
  • LS, learning session; KSC-IQ, Kidney Supportive Care Implementation Quotient.