Table 3.

Adjusted mixed effect linear regression model adjusted for follow-up time, group, and follow-up period

VariableBeta Estimate95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Intercept12.2911.51 to 13.08<0.001
Follow-up time (per mo)−0.41−0.52 to −0.31<0.001
 AVF−0.55−1.62 to 0.510.31
 Postmatch−0.34−0.83 to 0.150.17
Group * follow-up time (per mo)
 AVF (per mo)0.05−0.09 to −0.180.49
Period * follow-up time (per mo)
 Postmatch0.006−0.09 to 0.100.9
Period * group
 Prematch PD0
 Prematch AFV0
 Postmatch PD0
 Postmatch AVF (per mo)0.940.26 to 1.610.006
Period * group * follow-up time (per mo)
 Prematch PD0
 Prematch AVF0
 Postmatch PD0
 Postmatch AVF (per mo)0.140.03 to 0.260.02
  • PD, peritoneal dialysis; AVF, arteriovenous fistula.