Table 2.

Debates featured in 2020

Issue of PublicationDebate Topic
JanuaryIs there any role for device therapies in resistant hypertension?
MarchKidney biopsy should be performed to document the cause of immune checkpoint inhibitor–associated AKI
MayShould buttonhole cannulation of arteriovenous fistulas be used?
JulyIs an environmental nephrotoxin the primary cause of CKDu (Mesoamerican nephropathy)?
SeptemberKidney biopsy is required for nephrotic syndrome with PLA2R+ and normal kidney function
NovemberNSAIDs can be used safely for analgesia in patients with CKD
  • CKDu, CKD of unknown etiology; PLA2R, phosphlipase A2 receptor; NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.