Table 2.

Cox proportional hazard model for mortality, cardiovascular, stroke, and coronary events in American Indians from the Strong Heart Study (1989–1999)

EventExposure: CKDExposure: Loss >20 ml/min
Yr FU, Mean (SD)New EventsIncidence RateHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP valueHazard Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP value
Mortality13.7 (6.4)11980.04181.631.27 to 2.09<0.0013.372.70 to 4.19<0.001
All CVD17.7 (4.5)6830.01961.160.84 to 1.590.371.431.09 to 1.880.01
Stroke19.0 (2.3)1740.00441.911.15 to to 2.340.17
CHF18.7 (2.9)2560.00671.140.68 to 1.880.621.681.10 to 2.550.02
  • Models excluding prevalent CVD, stroke, and/or CHF as relevant; adjusted for baseline eGFR and/or eGFR slope as relevant; all adjusted for age, sex, field center, smoking, alcohol use, BMI, education, income. FU, follow up; CVD, cardiovascular disease; BMI, body mass index.