Table 2.

Summary of dialysis delivery in Singapore in 2018

No. of patients on dialysisN=7405, 1081.7 pmp
Patients by modality, %Hemodialysis: 86.3
Peritoneal dialysis: 13.7
Dialysis centers, %VWO: 62.8
Private: 35.6
Public hospitals: 1.6
Location of dialysis center, %Community: 98.4
Institution: 1.6
Cost per hemodialysis session, USDApproximately $150
Reimbursement per dialysis session, USDApproximately $63; not inclusive of VWO subsidy, which is dependent on means testing
Dialysis delivery staffRegistered/enrolled nurse
Nurse aides
Ratio of dialysis center staff to patients1:5
Average hemodialysis session length, h4
Nephrologist review, times per moAt least once a month
  • pmp, per million population; VWO, voluntary welfare organization; USD, United States dollar.