Table 1.

Variables associated with successful surgical outcomes for primary hyperaldosteronism

VariablesAdjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)P Value
Number of antihypertensive agents (≤2)2.94 (1.25 to 5.24)0.02
Preoperative response to spironolactone3.41 (1.68 to 6.99)0.006
TT genotype of the CYP11B2 gene2.77 (1.22 to 4.99)0.03
Duration of hypertension <5 yr (mo)6.52 (2.28 to 10.29)<0.001
Solitary adenoma compared to nodular hyperplasia5.27 (2.15 to 8.14)0.001
  • Multivariate logistic regression revealed that duration of hypertension <5 yr, number of antihypertensive medication ≤2, preoperative response to spironolactone, TT genotype of CYP11B2, and solitary adenoma (rather than nodular hyperplasia) contributed independently to a predictive model. Modified from reference 40, with permission.