Table 2.

Dialysis access care plan

AVF/AVG for CKD 4Multidisciplinary patient review
Postpone if patient is stable and deemed low risk for AVF maturation failure
AVF/AVG for CKD 5 and ESKDProceed
Ulceration/erosion/bleeding of vascular accessProceed
Thrombectomy of access (not salvageable by IR)Proceed
Complications of current AV access (steal, malfunction, etc.)Proceed
Removal of tunneled HD catheter—no longer neededProceed
Thrombosis of AVF/AVGProceed
Placement of tunneled HD catheter for immediate dialysisProceed
Routine or follow-up fistulogramMultidisciplinary patient review
Postpone if purely elective
Malfunction/infected HD catheterProceed
Suboptimal AVF/AVGProceed
PD catheter embedded procedurePostpone
PD catheter emergent <48 hProceed
PD catheter urgent <2 wkProceed
PD catheter elective <4–6 wkMultidisciplinary patient review
Proceed versus postpone on the basis of individual patient and local resources
Revision of PD catheter to ensure patient safety and ability to continue PDProceed
  • Adaptations and modifications must be considered on the basis of individual patients’ needs and local variations in the fallout of the pandemic (opinion based). AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; IR, interventional radiology; AV, arteriovenous; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis.