Table 2.

Logistics and infrastructure requirements for urgent-start peritoneal dialysis program

Hospital support
 Multidisciplinary patient selection approach
 Expedited patient education process
 Prompt communication with PD center to expedite home visit
 Easy availability of surgeons or interventionalists (radiology or nephrology) to urgently place PD catheter
 Provision of nursing staff trained in urgent-start PD
 Providing equipment and supplies to conduct PD
 Clear protocols to standardize urgent-start PD
 Coordination of care with outpatient PD center for seamless discharge process
Dialysis center support
 Prompt conduction of home visit
 Ability to evaluate patient within 1–2 d after hospital discharge
 Provision of ample space and equipment to conduct urgent-start PD
 Availability of adequate nursing staff trained in urgent-start PD
 Providing education and training to the patient about urgent-start PD
 Administrative support for smooth transition of care from hospital to PD center
  • PD, peritoneal dialysis.