Table 2.

Self-reported urinary symptoms and health-related behaviors in the previous 3 mo by job category

Symptoms, Behaviors, Diagnoses, and Dipstick ResultsNonfield WorkersField Workers
Factory Workers (Reference)DriversCane CuttersIrrigatorsAgrichemical ApplicatorsSeed CuttersSeeders/Reseeders
Total, N5741514929915
Symptoms, prior 3 mo (%)a
 Abdominal, back, flank pain2829392017020
 Burning/pain during urination1272384227
 Frequent urination910186007
 Fever or chills11732401113
Health-related behaviors and diagnoses, prior 3 mo (%)a
 Taken antibiotics191291072213
 Taken pain medication ≥3 d112716841127
 Sought medical treatment1812216142233
 Diagnosed with a UTI5322407
Dipstick parameters, preharvest (%)
 Positive leukocyte esterase53102400
 Positive proteinuria2064000
Dipstick parameters, late harvest (%)
 Positive leukocyte esterase2333842221
 Positive proteinuria4326007
 Positive blood9561071121
  • UTI, urinary tract infection.

  • a Workers reported symptoms, health-related behaviors, and recent UTI diagnoses during late-harvest data collection.

  • b Chistata is a colloquial term that describes a set of symptoms including painful urination, burning during urination, and back pain.