Table 8.

Studies comparing unplanned peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis in patients with ESKD

AuthorYearNumber of PatientsFollow-UpMortality (%)BacteremiaPeritonitis
Lobbedez et al. (20)200834 PD12 moActuarial patient survival at 1 yr:83 for PD
26 HD79 for HD
Koch et al. (63)201166 PD6 mo303%2%
57 HD4221%a2%
Jin et al. (79)201696 PD1 mo923 (3%)2%
82 HD9311 (13%)b0%
Dias et al. (80)202093 PD6 mo–2 yr0.11 episodes/patient per yr0.36 episodes/patient per yr
91 HD0.58 episodes/patient per yrNot reported
  • PD, peritoneal dialysis; HD, hemodialysis.

  • a P<0.01.

  • b P=0.011.