Table 3.

Selected participant quotations for themes on increasing interest

ThemeQuotationsFocus Group Contributing to Theme
Earlier and more exposure“. . . A 2-week nephrology rotation, even if it’s like inpatient, I think that would be pretty useful . . . I still struggle with kidney stuff because I’ve never done an elective” (group 1)Groups 1–4
“I think if there’s more exposure to transplant. It’s like a multidisciplinary special section of transplant or of renal, and I think it’s also very medicine and less chronic” (group 2)
“. . . I do feel like I hear a lot of people saying like, ‘Oh, dialysis is really depressing.’ You know, because I feel like we see so much inpatient dialysis way more than outpatient dialysis, and that is . . . that can be really depressing. But there’s like a lot of outpatient people who do really well on dialysis” (group 2)
“I think there’s probably some sales pitch to be made somewhere talking about the actual advantages and what’s exciting about it [nephrology]” (group 4)
Enhanced interactions with nephrologists“. . . As much as possible getting recommendations on the phone or in person . . . where it is completely nonjudgmental and where we just feel like we’re able to approach them and learn something from every time we consult” (group 1)Groups 1–4
“. . . but there’s like plenty of opportunities for the nephrologists and the nephrology fellows to come talk to the internal medicine residents who are not on the nephrology rotation. Like we have noon conference and we have the Wednesday education sessions” (group 2)
“I think the consulting services, the attending, or the fellows should just kind of invite the med students or the residents to come and watch them spin the urine. Or like give a quick like, you know, 5 min backstory on pathophys for like this patient’s condition that we’re consulting on” (group 3)
“Those incredibly teaching-focused, incredibly physiology-focused fellows. They are there and that’s amazing and that’s I think the biggest selling point for nephrology” (group 4)
Research and advancements in the field“We just had grand rounds about them coming out with a drug for AKI. I mean, not anytime soon, but . . . that was pretty interesting. I thought there was some . . . awesome research” (group 1)Groups 1–4
“. . . I kind of wonder if it would be helpful for nephrologists to like pump up their own specialty. Like, ‘Hey, this is why nephrology is so cool.’ ‘Oh, I saw this really weird nephrotic syndrome last week. You should do a case report on it, it’s so cool’” (group 2)
“What’s new? Are there new treatments coming down the line? Don’t know of them, but like selling some excitement about change and what somebody could look forward to in a career in that field” (group 4)