Table 6.

Narrative comments about the Nephrology Immersion Classroom

Responses to “What Went Well with the Online Nephrology Classroom?”Responses to “What Are Some Things that Would Make the Classroom Better Meet Your Needs?”
“The provided video curriculum was great.”“N/A It was excellent!”
“Due to busy service, it was valuable to have online curriculum as supplemental education.”“An associated question bank with a couple of questions to check your learning afterward could be helpful for solidifying concepts.”
“Just wanted to say thanks for putting that online curriculum for the nephrology rotation. It is great to have as a resource for this rotation and for residency going forward.”“Sometimes the 15-minute video is too long and being able to skim a sheet would be helpful. That being said what was provided was wonderful when time allowed.”
“I just want to let you know I’ve been watching and rewatching your Nephrology Google Classroom videos and they are fantastic. Thank you so much for putting the time in to make these, I find them extremely helpful and wish we had something like this for every rotation.”“Shorter clinical review articles that could be more point of care consumable. Perhaps diagnostic algorithm charts/diagrams could be included.”
“Thank you so much for this, just finished watching the videos and they were great. I’ve been trying to make a point of recent [sic] of going back and reviewing the basic biology and physiology we learned in med school so as to integrate this knowledge more intimately into my clinical practice, so this was really helpful. Thanks again for all your work and time here. It is much appreciated.”“It would be great if the Classroom videos were accompanied by a transcript. Sometimes it’s difficult to watch a 20-minute video, but much faster and equally educational to read a transcript.”
“I really appreciated the teaching from fellows and attendings and felt like I learned a lot in the 2-week period. I appreciated having access to the online curriculum as well.”“I think it is great. I just haven’t had a chance to go through the videos yet. Planning on it though! Love that we have access to them!”