Table 1.

Patient criteria for transitional care unit and trial run programs

Patient Criteria
Patients who are candidates for a TCU program
 Incident patients with ESKD who have not already chosen a home therapy
 Failing peritoneal dialysis and expected to change modality
 Failing kidney transplant and expected to initiate dialysis
Patients who are candidates for a TR program
 Undergoing IHD and are employed, including by childcare at home
 Undergoing IHD and expected to be wait-listed for a kidney transplant for >4 yr
 Undergoing IHD with ejection fraction <45%
 Undergoing IHD with chronic fluid overload and use of two or more antihypertensive medications
 Undergoing IHD with unstable cardiovascular status (e.g., two or more hospital admissions during previous 6 mo)
 Undergoing IHD with frequent intradialytic hypotension
 Undergoing IHD with repeated isolated ultrafiltration sessions
 Failing peritoneal dialysis
 Failing kidney transplant
Patients who are not candidates for either TCU or TR programs
 Permanent resident of long-term care facility and without a care partner
 In hospice
 Significant cognitive impairment precluding meaningful participation
 Unstable living arrangement
  • TCU, transitional care unit; TR, trial run; IHD, in-facility hemodialysis.