Table 1.

Relationship of nephron number to ureteric tree branching at the end of early branching phase (E15.5 days) in fetal mouse kidneys (26)

ParameterWild TypeFGF7−/−Vitamin A DeficientProtein Deficient
Maximum branching generation number15121713
Glomerular number at E15.5101±671±744±525±4
Effect of growth factor mutation or nutrient restriction on nephrogenesisDelay in development (reduced branching generation number)Normal branching rate, but impaired glomerular inductionGlobal impairment: 50% reduction in segment no.
75% reduction in glomerular no.
90% reduction in tree volume
  • E15.5, embryonic day 15.5; FGF7−/−, fibroblast growth factor 7 knockout.