Table 1.

Correlation coefficients and partial correlation coefficients, considering population density, among various parameters and the prescribed number of 30-mg tolvaptan tablets per 1000 population in each prefecture in 2015

ParametersCorrelation CoefficentP ValuePartial Correlation Coefficient (Population Density)P Value
Population (thousand)0.48<0.001a0.150.31
Population density (/habitable area km2)0.47<0.001a
Number of medical doctors (/100,000 population)0.050.76
Number of hospital beds (/100,000 population)−0.240.10
Number of general hospitals (/100,000 population)−0.250.09
Number of general hospitals (/habitable area 100 km2)0.40<0.01a−0.130.40
Total household income (1000 JPY/mo)0.090.55
Average life expectancy (0 yr old, female) (yr)0.050.76
General population >65 yr old (ratio)−0.310.03a−0.050.72
Number of certified nephrologists (/1000 population)0.260.07
Number of certified urologists (/1000 population)−0.180.22
Medical expenses (/capita)−0.290.04a−0.190.19
  • General hospitals refer to all the hospitals except for psychiatric hospitals. Habitable area refers to the land area excluding that of forests and lakes.

  • a P<0.05.