Table 1.


Age in years, mean±SD43.3±8.4
Male sex, n (%)6 (60)
Black race, n (%)7 (70)
Cause of ESKD, n (%)
 Hypertension3 (30)
 Polycystic kidney disease3 (30)
 Autoimmune kidney disease4 (40)
Average time of dialysis, yr±SD4.16±4.32
Retransplant, n (%)4 (40)
Percentage cPRA, mean±SD42±42
Delayed graft function, n (%)4 (40)
Positive donor-specific antibody at transplant, n (%)2 (20)
Positive donor-specific antibody at TCZ, n (%)8 (80)
Acute rejection before TCZ, n (%)8 (80)
Time to TCZ in months, mean±SD40±31
Pre-TCZ eGFR in ml/min per 1.73 m2, mean±SD42±19
Pre-TCZ proteinuria in g/g, mean±SD1.5±1.14
Pre-TCZ microvascular inflammation (g+ptc), mean±SD4.1±1.5
Pre-TCZ AbMR score (MMDx), mean±SD0.76±0.23
Pre-TCZ TCMR score (MMDx), mean±SD0.04±0.09
Donor characteristics
 Donor age in years, mean±SD43±13
 Living donor kidney transplant, n (%)6 (60)
 Median kidney donor profile index, % (range)a44 (25–97)
 Mycophenolate+prednisone+belatacept, n (%)7 (70)
 Mycophenolate+prednisone+tacrolimus, n (%)3 (30)
 Mean mycophenolate dose at TCZ, g/d±SD1.78±0.34
 Median follow-up after TCZ, mo (range)12 (8–24)
 Median TCZ doses, n (range)6 (3–10)
  • cPRA, calculated panel-reactive antibody; TCZ, tocilizumab; g+ptc, glomerulitis and peritubular capillaritis score; AbMR, antibody-mediated rejection; MMDx, Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System; TCMR, T cell–mediated rejection.

  • a Kidney Donor Profile Index calculated for deceased donor kidney transplants only.