Table 1.

Reported incidence of AKI and need for RRT in United States centers

CenteraPaperStudy Populationn and Proportion with AKIbNeed for RRT
Northwell Health SystemHirsch et al. (8)New York hospitalized (N=5449)1993 (37%)285 (5%)
Mount Sinai Health SystemChan et al. (9)New York hospitalized (N=3235)1406 (43%)280 (20%)
ColumbiaCummings et al. (5)New York critically ill (N=257)NR79 (31%)
Argenziano et al. (10)New York hospitalized (N=1000)288 (33%)117 (13.8%)
Oschner HealthMohamed et al. (2)New Orleans hospitalized (N=575)161 (28%)89 (15%)
  • NR, not recorded.

  • a Studies of 100 patients or more.

  • b Creatinine rise ≥0.3 mg/dl or 50% rise from baseline.