Table 3.

Logistic regression analysis showing variables associated with acceptance to xenotransplantation among kidney patients at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Patient QuestionsOdds of Acceptance among Kidney Patients
N (xenotransplantation acceptance rate among kidney patients)112 (82%)
If the risks and results of pig kidney transplantation were not as good as human organ transplantation, would you be prepared to recommend a pig kidney as a bridge until a human donor kidney became available?
 No/possibly, odds ratio (95% CI)0.18 (0.51 to 0.70)
 Undecided, odds ratio (95% CI)0.63 (0.08 to 4.97)
Do you believe that there are religious reasons why we should not consider xenotransplantation as a form of treatment for adults?
 No/possibly, odds ratio (95% CI)25.10 (2.59 to 243.00)
 Undecided, odds ratio (95% CI)2.16 (0.16 to 27.92)