Table 1.

Comparison of sociodemographic characteristics of kidney transplant providers and kidney patients at University of Alabama at Birminghama

CharacteristicsKidney Providers N=40 (20%)Kidney Patients N=163 (80%)P Value
Age (mean±SD)43.1±11.751.7±13.30.0003
Gender (male)8 (20%)100 (62%)<0.0001
 White22 (55%)74 (46%)
 Black13 (33%)74 (46%)
 Asian/NA/Hispanic5 (13%)14 (9%)
 Christian/Catholic32 (80%)153 (94%)
 Jewish, Islam, other, no religion8 (20%)9 (6%)
Years of clinical practice or as kidney patient (mean±SD)15.4±10.14.1±6.1<0.001
Marital status
 Single36 (22%)
 Married/living with partner92 (56%)
 Divorced or separated27 (17%)
 Widowed8 (5%)
Highest level of education completed
 None/elementary4 (3%)
 High school97 (61%)
 Bachelors43 (27%)
 Graduate degree16 (10%)
What best describes your prior medical treatment at the UAB kidney transplant program
 Kidney transplant recipient110 (68%)
 On waiting list or being evaluated for a kidney transplant53 (33%)
  • NA, Native American; UAB, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • a Counts, N, and percentages shown for all variables unless otherwise specified.