Table 1.

RRT in Mexico

CountryCharacteristics Mexico
Prevalence (pmp) (12)1142
Dialysis coverage (6)Public health insurance (nonprofit HD units)48%
No health insurance (for-profit HD units)49%
Private health care services (for-profit HD units)3%
No. of patients in RRT (IMSS data) (7)59,754 (100%)
PD35,255 (59%)
CAPD15,536 (26%)
APD19,719 (33%)
HD24,499 (41%)
HH0 (0%)
Hospital-based HD10,756 (18%)
External HD units13,743 (23%)
Average length of HD treatment3 h, 1.2 sessions/wk
Vascular access typeVC92%
Dialysis nursing staff (12)Nurses70%
Nurse-to-patient ratio1:3
Patient follow-up frequencyOnce every 1–3 mo
Cost per yr (US$) (11)PD$6000
  • pmp, per million population; HD, hemodialysis; IMSS, Mexican Institute of Social Security; PD, peritoneal dialysis; CAPD, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis; APD, automated peritoneal dialysis; HH, home hemodialysis; VC, vascular catheter; AVF, arteriovenous fistula.