Table 1.

Tele-nephrology consult patient and dialysis characteristics, outcomes, and vascular access type

CharacteristicAgeLOSTransfer (%)Mortality (%)Case Mix Index
ESKD (N=73)603.8601.41
Non-ESKD (N=52)636.31161.1
 AKI (n=34)
 Non-AKI (n=18)
  Hypona (40%)
HD treatment dataTotal HD SessionsMean no. HD per AdmitTime (h)QBQDTotal Dialysate Volume (L)Total UF Volume (L)
Vascular access type (%)AVFAVGPermcath
  • All numerical values are means. LOS, length of stay in days; non-AKI, electrolyte abnormalities; hypona, hyponatremia; QB, blood flow (ml/min); QD, dialysate flow (ml/min); UF, ultrafiltration; AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; Permcath, permanent catheter.