Table 1.

Choice of renal replacement therapy on the basis of the Brescia Renal COVID Task Force classification of hemodialysis patients affected by Coronavirus Disease 2019, with a positive swab molecular test

Symptoms or SignsCategory OneCategory TwoCategory Three
Dry cough±✓
Dyspnea with desaturation <95%
Bilateral infiltrates on chest x-ray
Need for invasive ventilation
Type of RRTOutpatient HD in a dedicated area, if home quarantine is possibleInpatient HD (dedicated area in the dialysis unit or 1:1 HD in the patient’s room)CRRT
  • Category one: asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients; category two: severe symptoms and no invasive ventilation; and category three: critical illness requiring intensive care unit admission. Clinical classification in categories is on the basis of the report by Alberici et al. (12). HD, hemodialysis; CRRT, continuous renal replacement therapy.