Table 2.

Characteristics of dialysis treatment in Brazil, 2018

No. of patients on dialysis (N/1,000 general population)133,464 (0.640)
Patients on home dialysis, %
 Automated or continuous ambulatory peritoneal7.6
 All dialysis sessions covered by insuranceYes
 Patients have out-of-pocket expenses?No
Unit location, %
 Hospital based48
Economic purpose of the dialysis unit
 For profitYes
Reimbursement per hemodialysis session, US$
 Private insurers105
Dialysis staff members who deliver dialysis
 Patient care techniciansYes
Patient-to-registered nurse ratio in the unit35:1
Average length of dialysis session, h4
Times per month that a patient is seen by the nephrologist during the session12
Vascular access to hemodialysis, %
 Arteriovenous fistula73.8
 Vascular graft2.6
 Central venous catheter23.6