Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of RRT in Israel

Number of dialysis patientsN=6694
Percent of patients on home dialysisHHD: 0.03%
PD: 7.1% (APD 30%, CAPD 70%)
Are all dialysis sessions covered by insurance, or do some patients have out-of-pocket expenses?Covered by insurance
Are the dialysis units hospital-based or freestanding?Both
Are the dialysis units for-profit or nonprofit?Hospitals: nonprofit
Community: for-profit
What is the reimbursement per dialysis session in $US?HD: 430 per session
PD: 178 per d
Are all of the staff who deliver dialysis nurses or do you also use patient care technicians?Dialysis nurses only
What is the typical patient to RN ratio in the dialysis units?4:1
What is the average length of a dialysis session?240 min
How many times per month are patients seen by a nephrologist during dialysis sessions?1
What is the proportion of prevalent HD patients in your country using an AVF, AVG, and CVC?AVF: 60%
AVG: 8%
CVC: 32%
What is the proportion of incident (d 1) HD patients in your country using an AVF, AVG, and CVC?AVF: 18%
AVG: 2%
CVC: 75%
Temp. Catheter: 5%
What is the rate of kidney transplantations?43 pmp, 60% living, 40% deceased
  • HD, hemodialysis; HHD, home HD; PD, peritoneal dialysis; APD, automated PD; CAPD, chronic ambulatory PD; AVF, arteriovnous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; CVC, central venous catheter.