Table 1.

Current or previously approved gadolinium-based contrast agents and their manufacturer, chemical structure and ionicity, American College of Radiology classification, and Canadian Association of Radiologists risk assessment

Gadolinium AgentManufacturerChemical StructureACR ClassificationCAR Risk Assessment
GadodiamideGE HealthcareLinear nonionicGroup 1High risk
GadoversetamideGuerbetLinear nonionicGroup 1High risk
Gadopentetate dimeglumineBayer AGLinear ionicGroup 1High risk
GadobutrolBayer Healthcare/Bayer AGMacrocyclic nonionicGroup 2Low risk
GadoteridolBracco DiagnosticsMacrocyclic nonionicGroup 2Low risk
Gadoterate meglumineGuerbetMacrocyclic ionicGroup 2Low risk
Gadobenate dimeglumineBracco DiagnosticsLinear ionicGroup 2Medium risk
Gadoxetate disodiumBayer HealthcareLinear ionicGroup 3Medium risk
  • ACR, American College of Radiology; CAR, Canadian Association of Radiologists.