Table 1.

Estimation of GFR through regression equations in patients with cancer

Creatinine clearance
 Cockcroft–Gault, ml/min(140−Age)×Wt×(1–0.15×Sex)/Cr×0.814Cockcroft and Gault (47)
 Jelliffe, ml/min(98–0.8×(Age−20))×(1–0.1×Sex)×(BSA/1.73)/Cr×0.0113Jellife (48)
 Wright, ml/min(6580–38.8×Age)×BSA×(1–0.168×Sex)/CrWright et al. (49)
eGFR measurements
 Modification of Diet in Renal DiseaseGFR=186×Serum Cr−1.154×Age−0.203×1.212 (if patient is black)×0.742 (if patient is a woman)Levey et al. (53)
 CKD-EPI creatinineSCr≤0.7 (for women) and SCr≤0.9 (for men)Levey et al. (55)
144×(SCr/0.7)−0.329×0.993age×(1.159 if black) (if patient is a woman)
141×(SCr/0.9)−0.411×0.993age×(1.159 if black) (if patient is a man)
SCr≥0.7 (for women) and SCr≥0.9 (for men)
144×(SCr/0.7)−1.209×0.993age×(1.159 if black) (if patient is a woman)
141×(SCr/0.9)−1.209×0.993age×(1.159 if black) (if patient is a man)
 CKD-EPI cystatin CFor all levels of Scys≤0.8 or ≥0.8Inker et al. (76)
133×(Scys/0.08)−0.499×0.996age×0.932 (if woman)
133×(Scys/0.08)−0.499×0.996age×1.0 (if man)
Cancer-specific GFR equations
 Calvert formulaDose (mg)=AUC (mg ml–1 min–1)×(GFR (ml min–1)+25)Calvert et al. (77)
 Martin formula163×ABW (1–0.00496×age)×(1–0.252×sex)Martin et al. (66)
  • Wt, weight; Cr, creatinine; BSA, body surface area; CKD-EPI, Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration; SCr, serum creatinine; Scys, serum cystatin C; AUC, area under the curve; ABW, actual body weight.