Table 2.

Change from 1990 to 2015

RRT Characteristics19902015
RRT incidence113 pmp196 pmp
RRT incidence of men144 pmp258 pmp
RRT incidence of women81 pmp135 pmp
Incidence of patients >75-yr old632 pmp1219 pmp
Prevalence of patients >75-yr old1015 pmp4871 pmp
DM as primary renal disease18%44.5%
Ratio of incident 75–84 age group compared to incident 20–44-yr old7-fold27-fold
Prevalence of functioning kidney graft81.5 pmp420 pmp
Percentage of PD of all dialysis34.2%7.1%
  • DM, diabetes mellitus; PD, peritoneal dialysis.