Table 9.

Study B: estimated mean values from mixed models of relative changes [%] of laboratory parameters from pre to postdialysis and P values of specified comparisons by study phase, including period and treatment and interaction term between period and treatment

OverallaP Value
Membrane Type (in HDF)Fiber Diameter/ Membrane TypeSterilization/ Production Technology
Dialyzer/ ModalityFX 100 HDFFX CorDiax 100 HDFFX CorDiax 1000 HDFXevonta hi23 HDFFX 100 versus FX CorDiax 100FX 100 versus FX CorDiax 1000FX 100 versus Xevonta hi23
  • HDF, hemodiafiltration; TAT, thrombin-antithrombin; hsCRP, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

  • a The overall P value displays the P value for analyzing differences between all three or four groups, respectively.