Table 3.

Characteristics of dialysis therapy in Korea

No. of patients on dialysis83,865; 1618.2 per million population (December 31, 2018)
Percentage of patients on home dialysis7.5% (December 31, 2018)
Dialysis session covered by insurance90% of total cost, patient pays 10% of cost
Dialysis units: hospital-based versus freestandingHospital-based 54.9% versus freestanding 45.1%
Dialysis units: for-profit or nonprofitFor-profit
Reimbursement per dialysis session$135
Staff who deliver dialysis: nurses or techniciansNurses
The nurse-to-patient ratio1:8.3
Average length of a dialysis session4 h
Frequency that patients are seen by nephrologistsEvery dialysis session
Type of vascular accessarteriovenous fistulas 77%, arteriovenous grafts 15%, central venous catheters 8%