Table 2.

Summary of dialysis delivery in Australia

No. of patients on dialysis (per 1000 people)a13,399 (0.536)
Percentage of patients treated with home dialysisa25% (30% home HD, 70% PD)
Dialysis centersPublic, not for profit
Private, for profit
Location of dialysis centersMixture of hospital-based and free-standing
Dialysis session costPublic system (majority): free, no out-of-pocket expense
Private system: covered by insurance, may incur out-of-pocket fees
Reimbursement per dialysis sessionPublic (Victoria): $A510 (approximately $US 330)
Dialysis delivery staffDialysis RN
Ratio of RN to patients1:3–1:4
Dialysis session length (h)4–5 h (92% of patients)
Nephrologist review (times per mo)Public: 1–2
Private: 4
Incident dialysis access (%)bAVF: 41
Central venous catheter: 57
AVG: 2
Prevalent dialysis access (%)bAVF: 80
Central venous catheter: 16
AVG: 4
  • HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; RN, registered nurse; AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft.

  • a As at December 31, 2018.

  • b As at December 31, 2017.