Table 2.

Statistical modeling results for odds of offer acceptance

Kidney Donor TypeEffectsOdds RatioVariance Component95% CIP Value
Fixed effects
Creatinine <1.5 mg/dl No biopsy (reference: poor biopsy)2.531.56 to 4.090.0002
 Good biopsy (reference: poor biopsy)3.071.88 to 5.02<0.001
AKI (rising creatinine >4.0 mg/dl) Good biopsy (reference: no biopsy)3.672.47 to 5.46<0.001
 Nephrologist (reference: surgeon)1.280.83 to 1.970.25
 Tenure (per 10 yr)1.220.99 to 1.510.06
 Response day/time0.23
  Weekday early morning (reference: weekend)1.700.96 to 3.01
  Weekday late morning (reference: weekend)1.530.88 to 2.66
  Weekday early afternoon (reference: weekend)1.280.77 to 2.14
  Weekday late afternoon or night (reference: weekend)1.130.69 to 1.85
Random effects
 Transplant center (n=18)0.100.00 to 0.510.17
 Participant (n=68) within transplant center0.300.11 to 0.640.0001
 Donor (n=8)0.910.37 to 3.01<0.001